Raffle for your NFT holders

The perfect tool for bringing your NFT community together and getting people hyped about a cause you care about

Connect your NFT collection to NFTRaffle utility app powered by Certhis

Set your raffle or giveaway: you can decide on the number of winners, date of raffle and the prize.

Share the NFTRaffle Link wherever you want by just copying & pasting the link and draw the winners!


Can I share the NFTRaffle link on all social media platforms?

Yes, your raffle link can be shared on social media platforms

Can I share on my website?

Yes, the link can easily be embedded on your business website.

How does the raffle work?

We take all collection holders and by putting their addresses into the NFTRaffle app they become part of the raffle. The app chooses a winner, or more, at random (depending on the # of winners you opted for).